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Huntsville International Airport Train Transfers

There is no active railway line in Huntsville, Alabama. Therefore, Train transfer services are not available in the location.

However, two old railroads have become attraction sites: the Huntsville Depot and North Alabama Railroad Museum.

In 1984, the Huntsville and Madison County Railroad Authority (HMCRA) was created to operate a 21km track that the Louisville and Nashville railroad abandoned.

The HMCRA exists as an Alabama Railroad Authority, allowing subdivisions in the City of Huntsville and Madison County to operate the railroad system. Each subdivision appoints directors to do the task.

The HMCR Authority does not receive any public funding. They only utilize their revenue generation.

The Huntsville Depot in Norfolk Southern Railway is the oldest surviving railway line in Alabama and one of the oldest in the United States.

In 1860, the depot served as the eastern division headquarters for the Memphis and Charleston Railroad. It is now listed in the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage and the National Register of Historic Places.

In 1862, the depot was occupied by Union forces and was used as a prison for Confederate soldiers.

On March 30, 1968, The Huntsville Depot recorded its last scheduled passenger train, The Tennessean.

Today, the Depot is part of the Early Works Museum, a must-visit attraction site in Huntsville, Alabama.